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Sleepless Dreams–poem

In my dreams my knees cave
to ashes. When awake my hip
aches with uneven rhythms.
The knuckles of my spine
grind and give. My bottom lip
cracks like the pale bark
of trees in winter–chapped
skin the same shade of anemic
leaves. In my dreams I am
enveloped in the arms of another,
cradled and warm. Left in
thorn thickets on sides
of highways and I dream
of sleeping.
but I don’t sleep.


initially written in November 2011. rewritten/ revised/ expanded 15 October 2012.

Swollen Skin–poem

My leg rots away with the words from my mouth—its
green apple spit dribbles down the blushed poinsettia leaf
of my skin. This bed is infested with the filth of afternoons
drenched in the silt of sleep. Exhaustion drips. Skin swells.
My fat ankle the fat lip of a marriage to love driven into
the ditch. I would eat these pages like cotton hung to my
gums, savor fleeting dreams with the flesh beneath my skin.
Gauze, wrapped tight between the sheets—fleas crawl on
skin; infected by the bite of failure on the lips. My dry
spell ends in an abscessed mind. Chew chalk pills with soggy
teeth and swallow hard the loss that rots with pages
empty in hand.

written 11 August 2011.

Day Dreams–poetic prose

I know the sound of a cricket song, abrasive to the ear—those crooked legs aching away at each other. They burrow under my skin in dreams while the thin spindle limbs of spiders tiptoe across my nails. It’s never well to hear an insect walk—never well to see my eyes veiled with lace as I start to think, muse horrid things in sleepless nights [the slow dripping rot of skin off bones, exposed cobalt veins, itching flaking skin that melts at the touch—tired eyes with the red wire lines ache for a sleep without the locust creeping] These metal chairs bear gumball spot-welds—effective and ugly like the play-out of each afternoon. I’ll hide in the shade until the awful crawl of insects on my hands awake me. Eating the evenings and drinking the sober smoke of night.

written sometime 2011.