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I am warm with peach dinge sky
always spotted with light slice boxes
and cement understands my grey
echoes the hollow of my breast

Charm City

so Baltimore is serving me quite well. This is a beautiful city and unlike my small town hometown, there’s actually stuff to do! A week or so ago I started walking up Charles Street until I found a large building with FREE on the door. It was the Walter’s Museum.

In short, a rich guy loved beautiful things so he travelled, collected, and opened a free museum! My favorite exhibit was a simply a room full of random beautiful things. It’s supposed to mimic a room rich gentry would have, portraits of intellectuals around the roof and then filled with shadow boxes of gorgeous, interesting things.

image (41)

This was my favorite still life. It had no name, no artist… nothing. It’s beautiful though. It’s globes, books, maps, an ink well… it’s just extraordinary.

image (40)

This is a bat skeleton! I had just written a poem for my workshop class that I had to start with “my life as a bat.” Then, I found this little guy at the museum. What delicate bones! It almost looks like a mouse with extremely long fingers…

image (39)

This is the view from the Walters Museum. It was such an amazing day. The sky was really that blue. That’s the Washington Monument (apparently the original one, or so I’ve been told—predates the Washington DC Washington Monument). Also, one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen.

Soon to come… more poetry, a tour of the apartment, a dedication to my beloved pet best friend… etcetera


Day Four
The corner is crooked. I dress bare breasted in front of its window. It faces a sceneless alley but light filters across my bed as if through cheese cloth. I saw a man pissing against the facing fence today. I wonder who was on the other end of his phone call.

The keys of my Grandmother’s typewriter stick like the knuckles of my spine crunching at the base of my neck where the ink starts. Tomorrow I’ll scrape the decades of grime from the letter springs. With the resilience of mint we will bite back together.

day five
I fell in love with Baltimore today as I tiptoed on the edge of her skirt, leaving her in the breath of morning–caught her in a yawn. Each blinking eye spread across an expanse of asphalt skin–that perfect grey complexion at dawn.

Every minute away raked my neck. Borrowed doctors agreed. But my muscles yawned relief as I climbed city walls, scaled row homes and whispered hello to the one-legged man in the wheelchair. I think we’ll be friends–feed him communion. Bread and wine. Eat the blood, drink the body of Baltimore.

Three Months

In just over three
months I will wash my skin
of this city–this small
town with the farms still tucked
away behind the hills, country
splayed out fat and happy
with the creeping edge
of metropolis ripping out weeds
and burning tree leaves. In three
months I will sleep
with cement sidewalks
and the hum of the harbor.
Scrub my skin of this life.
Lay it out in words.