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ur qt—a poem

Your fingers licked the grooved
metal strings
and the clicking of
your tongue on the ridges
of the roof of your mouth
strummed the sinews of my skin
in lulling rhythms, built
craters of sighs in my
collarbone. All love
dripping from the length
of your hair and me
hugging my knees
on the edge of your bed.
Babe I live in the linger
of your breathing
on my neck
and you keep dropping
your pick but I don’t
miss a step of song
when you bend
to pick I up. I’m tangled
in the sienna brown
of your sheets and I know
that coffee burnt your
tongue but it didn’t
hold us back.


I bathe in the smoke of words, not saccharine but honeysuckle sweet. I press my lips to the base of that flower and inhale every emotion that floats off his lips. I could die in these crowded dim lit bars staring dumbly into hazel eyes.

Sometimes they’re the same dark dirty green as his coat with flecks of red and brass like his bars and stripes. His stories pungent with the metallic taste of blood, a mouth full of pennies with the crack of fire right behind your ear.

Crass words licked with trauma of loss. He grips my body as if I’m already leaving him, pushes himself back into me.

&I’m afraid to stay.

&I’m afraid to let him go.


27 December 2012