My life as a bat

My life as a bat: an abrupt swinging, pendulous
ticking between ducking in shadows of lace
cob webs and rebirth.

I entangle long limbs in the hair of a lover–build bird
nests out of frail bones. Bones,
mine waste away. They don’t fossilize well.
I carry them with me–bearing their feather weight
tucked beneath my winged breast,
but I don’t wear feathers.

A confused leather mouse I am made to be by
being half wings and half milk. Blind but
ever observant–navigating night alleys
by outstretched palms on pavement.

I am sacred. a separable soul, a delicate skeleton
that feasts on blood and flesh
of fruit. A white-winged vampire
sucking from its half-blood
step-sister. I am swooping shadows.
I rise in the wake of twilight.



I’ve been in Baltimore for just over two weeks now. I’ve finally started my MFA classes. Tomorrow is night two of poetry workshop and that guy above is my first product. We were given a random line that we had to use as the first line of our poem. Mine was obviously “My life as a bat.” We’ll see what happens in workshop tomorrow. We’re still waiting on our wifi box to arrive so more regular updates will happen when Comcast gets their shit together. (never, maybe?)


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