Fabulous Happenin’s

1. Tuesday I attended a poetry workshop and reading hosted by the fabulous individuals of Line Assembly. The ladies and gents of this travelling troupe of poets are incredibly talented and filled to the brim with sweetness. They held a workshop at an independent bookstore, Riverby Books. They focused on the idea of “home” and “where we’re from.” They ran late. I ran late. It was cut short, but the time spent with them and the other poets that participated was lovely and inspiring.
The reading was held at Horseshoes &Hand Grenades, which is a local vintage shop—vintage shops are rampant in this city but this one is cool. It’s geared towards my generation and those slightly older than me (think 25-35). They’re all super sweet as well. The poetry was wonderful. I’d only been to maybe two readings in the past. I loved it so much! Most of the poets have books available online, buy them!

2. I am in a mad packing dash. My move is mere weeks away and for once in my life, I am ahead of schedule! I have 2/3 of my room processed (read: I have thrown 2/3 of my room away). Goodwill could devote a store to my nonsense. Aside from the ridiculous amount of books I’ve boxed and hilarious pictures I’ve found—I’m also in the market for apartment goods!

Find of the damn century! A vintage KitchenAid mixer in full operating condition, with three different attachments, and the manual… for 85$!!! I actually spotted it across the room during the poetry reading (from Horseshoes & Hand Grenades). I couldn’t take my eyes off of it and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I went back today and bought it. She is tentatively named Belinda. She is a lovely bizarre shade of greenish yellow. She’s beautiful. Watch out Baltimore, we’re gonna bake up a storm!

I also bought a 1950s full plate, bowl, teacup set for 40$. I thought it was an adorable print, reminded me of the Jetsons. Also purchased: a 1940s table linen, a 1950s linen cocktail dress, and vintage button-up full skirted plaid dress.

The design of the trip was to find a desk. I realized I don’t have a desk and… I need one! I went back out with my mom and found a nice solid wood desk for 295$, painted navy with adorable knobs, which I think would work perfect in my bedroom. We have a tall desk with tons of storage space in a spare room that I’m going to dig out. I think the larger one would go well in my and my roommate’s writing den. I would love a smaller desk in my bedroom.

While shopping the antique stores, I fell in love with several gorgeous rollback desks… ahh if only! There was also a 50s era kitchen table that was adorable. &A 1920s freezer that was just incredible. I also need a bedframe, but I’m not sure what size mattress I’m going to end up with so… that’s on hold.


I have a lot more work to go, but I can’t wait to share my new room and new belongings as everything finally comes together!

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