Goodbye (day eight)

Goodbye to you,
goodbye to the black ash
you left around my eyes,
to drowning drunk nights
so far from sober
I couldn’t dream of crying.
No more begging
your memory to rise
with the curl of grey smoke,
every limb of yours flushed
in the plume of ceremonial
flames. Only to fall back
down with the black ash,
to stain my skin
and seep into the dirt.
That’s why I didn’t
burn you. I let you
fester, let you
let my memory fester
in your gut–rotting,
edging away at the softest
part of you, an ever
crumbling debasement
of character. Words that torment
the brightest vibrancy
of laughter–let your lips
demoralize someone else.
She drove your things away today
and I feel better.

write a valediction (a goodbye). I’m still one poem behind. I’ll catch up, promises! &thank you my loves for 50+ followers and 200+ likes!! ]

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