Poem: Done It Again

I have done it again,
let the ticking rise
up my ribcage
clambering up each rung.
My blood itches,
goosebumps burrow
to the veins.
Seal my lips like worms,
Pursed. Shut.
Something awful might crawl out.
Let it sit stir simmer
somewhere dark and damp.
Let it slip out in explosions,
stain my skin sallow,
taint my crooked smile.
My body swells.
I will flush with blood
fever, let my skin grow
grey. I will claw
at control crawling,
edging itself away.
I will lose it all

[Happy National Poetry Month!!! Promptstart a poem with the first line of another poem. “Lady Lazarus” by Sylvia Plath.]

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