N.A.S.T.Y(!): Call for Submissions

Happy New Year Babes!


Babe Press wants your nasty. We want your “highly unpleasant”; your “spiteful behavior”; we want your dark voice of dissent and empowerment; your light voice of humanity; &we especially want your grey matter.

Poetry, prose, and art welcome and encouraged from ALL identities. If 2017 is the end, let us exit LOUD! Submissions open until January 15.

It’s Shark Week Y’all

I do not remember my first period.
Does this make me less woman? less uterin?
except It is all blood, all blushing blot and clot.
It is forever pink leaking. It is forever thick,
deep summer ache.

I do remember when I learned gender: by exclusion,
by a him’s abandon. Dirt sweated skin rejected
for feminine. I didn’t get it. I still don’t get it.
Just warm with shame and blood.

If I could hollow out my womb, I would.
It is not my woman, though I lead with it.
I like it filled, empty, filled, empty, full.

These hips make for width. They weigh,
wait for work: earn their keep
with prowess and draw.

Release of Magic


Mmm, that’s a lot of books! As Saturday quickly approaches, I realize how much left there is to do. All semester, I’ve operated through this process with a rare sense of calm. My manuscript was under control. The design was under control. Yesterday though, I realized I’m in my last week of class with a performance looming on Saturday and then this three year journey is over.

This is of course exciting, freeing, elating, etcetera but it’s also terrifying. but As the back of my book says, Many things terrify me… so Let there be poetry about it!

Pre-order Link! They’re officially released on Saturday, May 7th. Get more information about the release event, here!

Magic: Moon Tides Sing Violet Petals


It’s official! Pre-order is now available for my first poetry collection Magic: Moon Tides Sing Violet Petals. The book is currently in production and as soon as it arrives, I’ll be hurriedly sewing them up until its official release date (May 7th). Click the image to check out the detail on my cover collage, featuring my own watercolor, black artist paper, and a Photoshopped receipt from R&R Antiques in Fredericksburg VA (those purple elephants!). Follow this link to purchase my book with and without shipping (if you’re in Baltimore, let me know and I’d love to hand deliver it).

Moon Poems

Collage-Cover-Scrapsm 3

Spring solstice and light lingers in peach milk skies
leaking violet into the soft violence of horizon;
and the cornflower blue twilight lasts forever
and dawn calms the ache and the stretch
and it will be warm soon and the concrete will thaw.

excerpt from “Give & Calm.” look forward to more excerpts and more moons leading up to the book release, first week of May.

Moon Tides

Water-Color.pngsing violet petals worth of ghost waves.
As if to say, Love is a fleeting thing.
Feathered winds, I let you go: palm of dust,
sifted sand. Thirsty for salt, I wake to the tooth
of your voice–all shadow.

(final thesis submitted, final designs commence)